Precision Laser 3D Scans – Out Of The Box

The 3D Scanning Platform that grows with the Cloud, your Phone, and your Ambitions


Laser Class Precision down to 0.1mm.


Full Colors with Laser Precision

Tiny & BIG

Detailed Precision from 0.2cm³ to 15cm³

Calling All Dimensions!

More than a shell. Don’t loose your top and your bottom …


Full Color Laser Precision 3D Scans.

Powered by the Cloud and your Phone. Advancing with every Update.

Never Outdated – Never Obsolete

The ASCAND platform takes you along with the bleeding edge of cloud based 3D algorithms instead of leaving you boxed-in and behind.

Affordable POWER!

Join the most scalable Laser 3D Scanning Platform on the Planet.

Affordable enough to start. Powerful enough to succeed.

Real Depth

While Smartphone Apps typically mimic the missing depth sensor by using low-resolution “Photogrammetry Image-Stitching”, ASCAND uses precision laser technology combined with powerful AI and computer vision algorithms running on a scalable server network in the Cloud.

Powered beyond the box

ASCANDs grid is orders of magnitudes more powerful than the single-board computers squashed into traditional scanners or the chips that power even the most advanced phones.


ASCAND is available wherever you are.

For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.


  • Large 200mm diameter turntable with a 150*150*150mm usable scan area
  • Resolutions ranging from Draft 1mm for the Essential Edition to a High Definition 0.1mm for the Professional Edition
  • Oversampling – combines multiple turns for better resolution and fine-tuned colors
  • Auto-Center – removes the need to micro measure the center of your table and the object you are scanning
  • Scan Speed ranges from 45 seconds without oversampling up to n*45sec with oversampling
  • Processing Speed ranges from 5 mins to 50 mins depending on the quality and oversampling settings